Ban Appeal (Bundesstaat)

Ban Appeal (Bundesstaat)

Hello! its me after a long time again (im the dude that gets false banned all the time because of 300ms) old ign was (chBya, Leon7896)

sooo today i was playing on mushmc PvP FPS arena and got false banned once again (i was recording for clips btw) i was on lunar client and was clicking about 9 - 11 cps (jitter click) and i refilled with double tap (i click both mice button in my inventory to refill) i dont think i deserve that ban since i never cheated on a server ever
and i would never cheat because it just ruins the fun

i really enjoy playing on mushmc but i get false banned all the time because of my ping... i dont change my ping with external programs or any of that i just have this high ping because i live in germany

i really hope i can be unbanned once again since i wasnt cheating or anything i just enjoy playing on mushmc

Have a great day! - Leon

Para unban: