• Verifique os avisos, novidades e outras informações importantes do servidor!

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    deveria colocar mais em vez de tirar, colocar uns mais curtos

  • Verifique as regras do servidor! Evite ser punido!

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    📖 Hello there,

    ➡️ The MushMC team always strives to create a comfortable community where content creators and players can interact with each other in a safe manner. Our objective with this post is to reinforce a positive environment for everyone. For that reason, we prepared a entire topic with the objective of explaining some of our guidelines.

    ➡️ We have an extense variety of rules that will be constantly changing due to the frequent evolution of our community. For that reason, your punishment could vary depending on the infraction committed. In case you want to find more informations about your ban/mute, you might want to read the messages below.

    📜 Cases in which your actions could result in a permanent or temporary ban from our server:

    The use of external or illegal programs aiming for an advantage against other players (in example: macros, programs and external clients)

    Abusing bugs or unintended features of the server aiming for your own advantage while being aware of your actions;

    Free-Kill: This term essentially means the use of other player's aid to improve your statistics in a fast way by disconnecting in the middle of a match or by challenging the same player repeatedly in order to benefit your partner;

    To be aided by players that are using illegal modifications for your own benefit;

    Using inappropriate or offensive nicknames;

    Harming the reputation of a staff member in an offensive or violent manner;

    Promoting toxic or offensive attitude in any forum post;

    We do not recommend the use of any absurdly fast clicking methods such as DragClick, ButterflyClicking and many others because it could be misinterpreted as a blacklisted modification and might result in a punishment;

    Promoting or reproducing symbols that represent hatred towards any groups. It is worth mentioning that we take nazi promoting acts very seriously and it is extremely likely that you will get banned for promoting actions of this kind of groups;

    Inappropriate skins or capes;

    Encouraging players to use any kind of inappropriate skins or capes.

    Purposefully freezing your game in order to prevent eliminations by the void;

    Falsify, manipulate or create fake evidences about another player.

    📜 Cases in which your actions could result in a permanent or temporary mute from our server:

    Hate motivated speech, racism or any other kind of discrimination, threats or offensive messages against other players;

    Using offensive terms related to health conditions such as physical or mental disabilities against another player;

    Encouraging other players to commit suicide or any other self-destructive actions;

    Bypassing the chat censorship;

    Spoiling the plot or any relevant points about a recent game/series/movie;

    Flooding or Spamming the chat;

    Advertising another server;

    Advertising videos, websites or pictures except videos posted on YouTube that were recorded in our server;

    Selling or negotiating any product in chat;

    Asking for a screenshare from another player;

    Harassment or any kind of jokes that are primarily used to intimidate, abuse or bully another player;

    Fights or any aggressive discussion in chat independent of motivation;

    Offending or harming the reputation of any content creator and their respective projects (channels, videos or livestreams);

    Offensive guild/clan names;

    Offending or harming the image of a staff team member or the server itself;


    📝 On our event servers we also have some rules that must be strictly followed. If any of these rules are violated it will result in a temporary punishment. Check below for a complete list of forbidden actions in events:

    The practice of a "panela" (cross-teaming), that is, to team up with a larger number of players allowed in the events is forbidden unless specified otherwise in the pre-game;

    It is not allowed to "force kick", that is, to interfere in the fight of one or more players who are not part a of your team;

    It is no longer allowed to create a "spawn trap", players who are abusing this tactic will be removed from the event without further notice. If this ever happens to you, use /report to notify the staff of the situation;
    Note: This rule also applies to events;

    It is not allowed to clean other players, the term "cleaning" or localized to portuguese, "cleanar", refers to people who stand around a PvP interaction waiting for it to end only to target the remaining players of that combat. Players who do this will be removed from the event without further notice for "Force Kicking". In some cases the staff team might warn the cleaner in chat to stay away. In case this ever happens to your, just report to notify the staff of the situation;
    Note: This rule also applies to events;

    In events that require mining you are not allowed to prevent players from collecting their items, that action is the popularly known brazilian term "brzar", also meaning "trolling". Players who are doing this will be told to walk away, if they continue to troll, just use /report to notify staff of the situation;
    Note: This rule also applies to events;

    Using the Gladiator kit on your teammate in order to avoid combat will result in an Event-Blacklist, meaning you will be unable to participate in our events;

    Dying purposefully and respawning in order to farm items is forbidden. Letting a player kill you intentionally or faking a PvP interaction to benefit a player or a group with xp/items is also prohibited.

    Switching teammates midgame: In case your teammate dies during the game you will be allowed to choose another one only at the final arena. Your new partner must also be solo before teaming up with you. In case your new teammate dies again, you must continue playing the rest of the event all by yourself.
    Note: This rule only applies to MiniMush.


    📝 You can see the punishment time for each rank below:

    5 days:
    ➡ Ultra and Master;

    7 days:
    ➡ VIP, MVP, PRO and Blade;

    10 days:
    ➡ Members.

    ➡️ We would also like to reinforce that you are completely responsible for your account security and credentials, that is, if any friends or invaders gain access to your accountyou will be fully reponsible for it. It is also worth mentioning that regardless of another player's actions, your attitudes only represent yourself and because of that you must be mature and face the consequences of your own actions. You always have the option to ignore a player and report them for inappropriate behavior to our team. Independent of the situation, always avoid answering toxic players that are only trying to tease you.

    If you find any player breaking the rules mentioned above, you should report them immediately to our team.

    If you find any glitches on the server, please report it to our forum at the "bug report" category.

  • Acompanhe o desempenho da equipe de Moderação do servidor!

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    🍄 Olá jogador!

    Esta categoria foi criada com o intuito de compartilhar um pouco o trabalho feito por nossa equipe para vocês! Nas postagens iremos mostrar as quantidades de punições e denúncias analisadas pela equipe.


    1- Punições

    🚓 Banimentos

    Aplicados pela equipe: 8,241 Aplicados pelo AntiCheat: 6,397

    👨‍🏫 Banimentos (específicos)

    Jogadores com VIP banidos: 483 Jogadores originais banidos: 1,223 Jogadores piratas banidos: 13,443

    📣 Silenciamentos

    Aplicados pela equipe: 3,157

    🎲 Outros

    Jogadores expulsos pela promotoria de eventos: 241 Denúncias enviadas aos nossos moderadores: 103,663 Punições totais neste mês: 18,036

    2- Atividade fora do jogo

    🧐 Fórum

    Denúncias gerais respondidas através do fórum: 1,341 Denúncias de hack respondidas através do fórum: 240 Denúncias totais do fórum: 1,581 3- Membros que contribuíram no mês

    1️⃣ Moderadores Primários

    try01 festinha faastyz marquesy

    2️⃣ Moderadores Secundários

    gringoo daarkl LannaByron Raafael_ pigaatto yPandinho lagmath GBRG00D Kyznho SamExpressa Skyllonw Matheuus_ Bebeuh

    3️⃣ Trial-Moderadores

    bigas KatieExpressa _Feelipe

    4️⃣ Ajudantes

    stiye spawxn Dinussauru astraalqy

    5️⃣ Ex-Staff

    MatheusBat ydvn IAMCRAAZY_
  • Área destinada para revisões de punições. Caso tenha sido punido injustamente, verifique esta área!

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    Seu nick no Minecraft:
    R: itachi155

    ID da punição (apenas para banimentos):
    R: 11fab2

    Descreva com mais detalhes o que aconteceu:
    R: eu desenhei um simbolo errado mais não foi na maldade foi para justificar o mal que este simbolo fez e por conta disso acharam que estava aponhando o nazismo

  • Área disponível para entrar em contato com nossa equipe sobre qualquer dúvida ou problema!

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    Meu nome:
    R: DevPoiu

    Qual é a minha dúvida:
    R: Eu consigo transferir mesmo se n ter acesso mais a conta e o original ter zerado ela (E se meu vip ira ser transferido junto)

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    Usuário(s) do(s) infrator(es):
    R: vandid1

    R: Machismo

    Data do ocorrido:
    R: 02/12/2023

    Provas (hospedadas no YouTube, Twitch, Lightshot ou Imgur):
    R: imagem_2023-12-02_215442519.png o

  • Área destinada para reportar problemas do servidor!

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    Olá, Jogador.

    Como os morcegos são entidades, não é possível colocar os blocos enquanto eles estão spawnando, é uma desvantagem mínima de quem utiliza esta customização.

  • Área disponível para fazer sua aplicação de Youtuber, Streamer ou Partner!

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    Seu nickname:
    R: SouiFake

    Link do seu canal:
    R: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVNcIsYW94qq3xO-YKm0dWQ

    Seu discord:
    R: titan1605

    Rank desejado:

    Você já foi punido dentro do servidor?

    Você vinculou seu canal à sua conta do Discord?

    Você tem certeza que tem todos os requisitos?
    R: SIM

  • Participe de nossa comunidade no Discord!

  • Discussões sem foco no servidor, fale sobre qualquer assunto!

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    Olá @itz_soso 👋, tudo bem? Espero que sim!

    Verifique se você realmente tem o Minecraft original comprado em seu e-mail. Caso tenha, veja se não é um erro do seu launcher ou site e fique atualizando o mesmo várias vezes para ver se pode arrumar o seu erro.